Since 2003, Regal has been a prominent brand in the ‘Away From Home’ category, with a widespread presence at major commercial, retail and industrial facilities.

Regal’s success has been built on tried and tested design principles which balance quality, reliability, and cost.

The brand is available in a range of product categories to suit every budget and need.

Tissue Paper

Our tissue paper category features both recycled and virgin options, with each available at three different price points: value, premium, and executive.

Bin Liners

We provide classic and compostable options, each available in both everyday and heavy-duty formats.


We provide both everyday and premium options to fulfill a wide array of needs.

in addition to supplying the Regal brand, we also distribute leading
brands, such as Tork, Oates, Colgate, Dettol and m ore.

Our products

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