Our Brands

The JS Hayes umbrella includes brands Regal, Tru-soft, and Enviro Saver. In addition to our own product lines, we are main distributors of other well known brands such as Tork, Oates, Colgate, Dettol and many more.

Regal has been a prominent brand in the 'away from home' category since 2003. It has been stocked in major airports, shopping malls, offices, universities, and the like. We pride Regal on tried and tested design principles which balance quality, reliability, and cost factors. There are over twenty established products in the Regal range which have been designed to meet the needs of all clientele who require a premium product.

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Tru-soft is our premium recycled range which caters for the environmentally friendly market with high expectations for quality and reliability.

Enviro Saver was created as a universal brand of recycled products to meet the needs of tight budgetary requirements. Enviro saver products have been fine tuned to minimise cost and maximise value.

Other Brands We Supply